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Group Savta Trading (GST) was founded in April 2007 as a subsidiary of the Savta company, already a major player in the overstock business with over 10 years experience.
In today's retail world, manufacturers of consumer goods are in constant need of efficient inventory management solutions to deal with increasingly common issues of discontinued stock, surplus, re-packaging, short dated products...
Group Savta Trading (GST) specialises in buying surplus lots from European companies faced with excess inventory. Its mission is to provide them with a valuable service, based on an extensive knowledge of the overstock marketplace.
Building on its growing expertise in this evolving market, GST has experienced steady growth over the past 7 years.
To maintain high standards of quality and reliability GST has developed a new approach to surplus inventory management based on the following structure :

We buy :
Our multilingual team of telemarketers works with a network of manufacturers all over Europe and centralises offers in all kinds of non-perishable foods and household items.
With ongoing contracts with different European and French partners, GST is a reliable partner for prospect customers.
For any enquiries, our Purchasing Department is reachable 5 days a week and our websites and and Mail service work around the clock.
Our internal structure allows us to process transactions very quickly and to pay cash.

We sell :
Our experienced sales team re-markets excess stock throughout our extensive network of affiliated partners. Transactions are confidential so that they never interfere with our providers' traditional distribution channels (retail, supermarkets...). Our distribution can be tailored to every provider's need on a case by case basis.
With our streamlined business structure, we develop close relationships with our affiliated partners in order to guarantee the traceability of all products sold.

GST relies on an efficient operative structure to resell surplus stock on secondary markets :
- our 255 national and international affiliated partners can place large-volume orders
- GST has stakes in 53 national stores
- our regional operators coordinate truck delivery in their predefined geographical area
- on-line store for individuals and wholesalers:

GST has built solid trading relations with developing markets such as Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America... We also dispose of overstock in Europe through secondary channels that don't interfere with our customers' primary sales channels.
In some cases GSThas reselling contracts with manufacturers which entail a higher control over our sales outlets in France and abroad

Based in Gonesse, near Paris, our integrated logistics unit can collect job lots directly from the supplier, thereby reducing cost and lead time.
With a storage capacity ranging from 5000 to 20000 m2, we can offer expeditious business solutions and help our suppliers dispose of their stock very quickly.
Our logistics service guarantees the traceability of all products with minimal exposure for our suppliers.

Over the past six years GST has established itself as a reliable trade partner with a solid strategic vision and as a trusted name in discount retail for a wide range of products (groceries, household items, hygiene….).
We pay cash or provide a bank guarantee for our purchases, regardless of the amount, which shows the full support of our financial partners.

GST's first offices are set up in Pantin (Tour Essor)
GST takes a stake in Branex Design, creator of Tam Tam and iTamtam, world leader in the field of design
GST purchases new office building and warehouse in Gonesse
Creation of the company's online store ( and opening of a 1000 m2 CASH & CARRY in our Gonesse warehouse to meet the needs of our different customers

Our Paris logistics hub (located in Gonesse) should have a total net area in the range of 5000 to 20000 m2.
This capacity can be expanded up to 25000 - 30 000 m2 thanks to our various logistics partners across France, giving us the resources to store and transport goods in record time and to help our suppliers free up valuable warehouse space very quickly.

At present GST's logistics activities represent around 6% of total revenue. GST is both a consumer and a provider of logistics services (storage, transport and handling) so the company has drawn up the following development axes :
Creation of a logisitics platform (GST Logistique), 95 % owned by GST , who will become one of its main clients.
Purchase a new warehouse close to Paris (10000 to 15000 m2) for GST and for GST Logistique's future clients.
Stabilisation of our annual growth rate in order to increase owner's equity.

102 Avenue des Champs Elysées - 75008 Paris - FRANCE

GST (GROUP SAVTA TRADING) Administrative & Commercial
16 Rue de Créssonnieres - Bât 1 - 95500 Gonesse - FRANCE

GST (GROUP SAVTA TRADING) Warehousing & Logistics
16 Rue de Créssonnieres - Bât 2 - 95500 Gonesse - FRANCE

Office hours: Monday to Friday from 8am to 17h30pm

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  • Distribution of our distribution networks :
  • Africa 15%
  • Eastern Europe 15%
  • Latin America 6%
  • Middle East 4%
  • France 60%
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Latin America
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